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About Me

Hi! It’s me, Barb Gonzalez hiding behind the Simple Tech Guru moniker. From the time I was a teenager, I’ve been passionate about Home Theater, TVs and gadgets. I’ve become excited as new technologies have been  invented–CD players, DVD players, big screen TVs, audio/video receivers, plasma and LCD TVs, digital cameras, iPods, iPads. As a teenager, my brother would take me into stereo stores and point out the differences in speaker quality, saying, “Can you hear that?!” In time, I trained my ear to hear the difference.

In the beginning…

In high school, I made my first movie (on 8mm!) and spent all of my time taking photos. This helped train my eye to see quality pictures.

My love of photography and video led me to a successful career in film and TV production.  For over a dozen years I worked for the major studios in film production working on films like “Ghostbusters II,” “Karate Kid II,” “Flatliners,” “Awakenings,” “Postcards from the Edge,” and many many many more.

Once I became a mother, it was easier to work a retail job so I could spend time taking care of my family (my husband was diagnosed with brain cancer when my son was just over a year old…but that’s another story).  One day, I went into a Good Guys electronics retailer to replace my stolen video camera. I remember saying to the salesman, “You talk about this stuff all day and people buy it?”  It sounded like fun. I started work there immediately.

It became apparent that I had a knack for simplifying and explaining technology. I received numerous letters of praise, was asked to train other sales associates, and ultimately customers started making appointments to buy things from me!  My specialties were home theater, digital photography and computers.

I decided to share my knowledge beyond my immediate  circle of  customers and wrote “The Home Electronics Survival Guide,” to teach people how to put together a home theater.  The book was a hit with the consumer electronics industry, and with confused consumers.  Its success was because the book was written using brief explanations that were accompanied by hundreds of photos and comic illustrations that I drew for the book.


ce my first book, I have: been writing articles for magazines and online websites;  been a guest on a number of radio shows; spoken at conferences; written a second book  in a partnership with Monster Cable called, “Home Theater Made Simple;” and worked for manufacturers in consumer education, web copy, marketing, packaging copy and writing instruction manuals.

Currently, I’m working on my third book on “The Connected Home- Photos, Music and Video Wherever You Want Them.” I am also the contributing writer for about.com on the subject of network media players, media streamers, and network TVs, Blu-ray players and components.  If you want to share your media, I’ll show you how!  (You can get an aggregated list of my about.com articles here.)

My new Digital Home Help website (currently in development) explains the gadgets and helps you find the right solution to connect to your photos, music and video so you can watch and listen to them on your TV, or anywhere else in your house or beyond.  The digital home is my next conquest for simplification!

What’s different about me–what the Simple Tech Guru does…

Like most people I find technology confusing and that the answers are in techno-babble. Crucial details and steps are left out. I’ve been given the gift (and sometimes a frustrating curse) of being able to see things from the mind of a beginner at the same time I can understand complex technology.

Mostly, I give tips to help you choose, set up and use your electronics – home theater, gadgets, etc. But I also will write about the ways you can approach technology so it is easier for you to figure out for yourself. My favorite quote is “The obvious is hidden from those on the inside.” Those who understand can rarely explain. I hope my gift will help you to enjoy technology and move forward into the future with fun and ease!

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