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(Note, this article was originally published September 17, 2013 when the iPhone 5 was released.  It has been updated for newest iOS 10–steps haven’t changed since iOS7)
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How To Deposit Checks into your Chase Bank Account Using your iPhone!

Submitted by on July 9, 2010 – 11:22 pm45 Comments

Another brilliant app for the iPhone!  It’s unbelievable that with a simple photo I can deposit checks into my Chase checking account. I’m all for one less trip to the bank. I use Direct Deposit in my Chase bank account when I can, but for those business consulting checks, personal checks and for those giving me checks for my sideline Avon business (hey, I love their products), I usually have to make a trip to the bank.

Because I work at my home office, I don’t get out some days. While Chase employs a 24-hour hold on funds for all checks deposited,(whether you bring them to the bank or use the new iPhone app deposit), once you add in how many days until I get out and actually go to the bank, it could be a week before I see my money! So, you can see why I’m so excited about the updated Chase Bank iPhone app! Using your iphone, simply photograph the front and back of the check and within 24 hours the funds are available.

Here’s How to Deposit Checks into your Chase Account:


  • A bank account at Chase bank (If you had a WAMU account, it was converted.)
  • Online banking access to your accounts (go to Chase’s Website to set up your accounts if you don’t have online banking).
  • An iPhone with firmware OS 3.1 or later (if you have an iPhone 3G or 3GS, consider updating to OS 4)

Here’s how to set up Chase Mobile if you don’t have it:

1. Sign up for Chase Mobile –follow the directions, click on the confirmation link in the email they send you.

2.  Go here to get the Chase app for your iPhone and follow the instructions. (You can also search the app store on your iPhone or in iTunes. Type “chase mobile banking” in the search field.)

3. If you downloaded the app into iTunes, connect your phone and sync it so the Chase Mobile app is transferred to your phone.

4.  Tap on the app to open it.

5. Tap on “Log On .”

6. Enter the email address and password you use for your online banking.

7. The first time you do this you will need to get an identification code.  A window will pop up on your phone. Choose to have the identification code texted to your phone.

8. When the text comes in, jot down the identification number.

9. Go back to the Chase app and log in again (it doesn’t multitask yet).

10. When it asks for the identification number after you log in, type in the number.

Now you are ready –How to Deposit a Check with Your iPhone:

1. Open the Chase Banking app on your iPhone (see steps 4 & 5 above).

2. At the bottom of the screen tap on the check icon “Deposits”.

3. Tap on Deposit to and choose the account to which you want to make the deposit.

IMPORTANT NOTE for those who have JOINT ACCOUNTS: You can only deposit to accounts where you are the primary account holder –another words, if your spouse’s, or significant other’s,  name appears first on the account, you can’t make the deposit with your iPhone.  You will receive a message saying that the account is not available for Quick Deposit.  The primary person will have to make the deposit in the usual manner or on their iPhone.

4. Tap on the Deposit Amount line and type in the dollars and cents you will be depositing. (Chase’s support representatives instructed me that the deposit won’t go through if the amount you type in doesn’t match the amount of the check exactly.)

5. Tap on “Check Front.” This will open your camera within the Chase app.  You will see a blue box onscreen.  Place the check, face up, on a black non-reflective background (I use my iPad case or a black binder I have). Position the check within the box so that the whole check is fully visible. Tap on the camera icon. Even though you pressed the camera to shoot the photo of the check, the photo isn’t taken until the app determines that you are holding the iphone steady.

Once the photo is shot, double tap on the check image.  If it appears to be in focus, tap on “Use.”  If it’s blurry at all, it is best to tap on “retake” to reshoot the photo of the check.
The photo of the check will now appear on the Quick Deposit screen next to “Check Front.”

6. Tap on “Check Back.”  Repeat Step 5, this time turning the check over so the back of the check is face up.  (Don’t forget to endorse the check before shooting the photo!)

7. Tap on “Next.”  The Verification Screen will appear.  It is ESSENTIAL to check the routing number and checking account number listed onscreen against what’s on the check. If either are incorrect, you can correct them on this screen. If these numbers are incorrect, the deposit will not go through!

If the photos aren’t clear enough, it won’t be able to read the scanned check amount, and an window will pop up telling you that the photo isn’t clear enough.

TIP:  Take the photo where there is a LOT of light– under a lamp, near a window– because even though the picture may be clear, without enough light it may be too grainy.

8. Press “Submit.” This will take you to the final screen where you can deposit another check if you have one.

You should now be able to see your pending deposit.

9. Go to the accounts page by tapping on the “My accounts”  icon at the bottom of the screen.  Press on “see Activity’ in the account box. This will bring up the recent transactions for that account. In the “Online Deposits” section, you should now see the check amount listed as a pending deposit.


Be sure you have enough light to take the photo of the check so it won’t be blurry or grainy.

Place the check on a dark, non-reflective background when taking the photo.

Absolutely compare the routing number and checking account number in the Verification screen to those on the check (Step 7 above).  (I already have found it made a mistake).

KEEP THE CHECK for your records and in case the deposit doesn’t go through.

Like any other way you may do your banking, always double check all of your work so the money is there as expected.  I recommend that you check your account transactions again after 24 hours to be sure there wasn’t a problem with the deposit.

Now I may never get out of my pajamas and leave my home office! So much for knowing my bank tellers…


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  • This is such a great resource that you are providing and you give it away for free. I enjoy seeing websites that understand the value of providing a prime resource for free. I truly loved reading your post. Thanks!

  • […] How To Deposit Checks into your Chase Bank Account Using your … […]

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  • Ashwin says:

    Does this work? I get an unknown error after clicking next on step 5. Does this work on with Chase checks?? Hehe

  • Yes, it works on all checks so far. So, you fill out the lines for which account to deposit to…and then the amount…and then take photos of both front and back (and you have endorsed the check)? Are you trying to deposit using a check from that same checking account (in case you were just trying)? If you’ve taken the photos and get an error message, your photos may have been blurry. Make sure they are on a black surface and possible right under a light source. (and laid flat). If they can’t be easily read, they might give an error…And, if the error is that the account isn’t available, it may be a joint account (?) Try calling Chase bank customer service. They found someone to help me.

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  • forex robot says:

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  • JT says:

    Does this work with checks from a foreign country?

  • Caryl says:

    “IMPORTANT NOTE for those who have JOINT ACCOUNTS: You can only deposit to accounts where you are the primary account holder –another words, if your spouse’s, or significant other’s, name appears first on the account, you can’t make the deposit with your iPhone.”

    Do you think that Chase will ever change this, or is there a way around it? It seems strange that I can make payments using the app on my iPhone but cannot make deposits.

  • I am told that it should not be a problem depositing to a joint account. (The help line said I couldn’t.) I have Chase looking into it and will get you an answer.

  • At this time, Chase app does not work with checks from outside the U.S.

  • KQ says:

    Thanks so much for this! I travel widely and now I don’t have to snail mail (horrors!) or wait till I get to a town that has my bank. Yay for technology!

  • Caryl says:

    Any update from Chase on making a deposit to a joint account when your name is not the first one on the account?

  • alwaysonthego says:

    I was hoping this Chase quick deposit would work on the ipod 4…it has a camera and wifi data capabilities, even though it doesn’t seem to need a cellular service to operate, it needs a cell phone number to tie it together? I have an ATT android phone with chase mobile on it, so my phone number is tied to Chase mobile banking….and when is the android version supposed to be coming out??

  • contgarhie says:

    “Tap on the Deposit Amount line and type in the dollars and cents you will be depositing. (Chase’s support representatives instructed me that the deposit won’t go through if the amount you type in doesn’t match the amount of the check exactly.”
    Are you sure that this is true?

  • I have used the Chase deposits for months now. When I type in an amount that doesn’t match the scanned amount (usually because someone has REALLY messy handwriting), it has given me an error message and I’ve had to scan again. It’s not that the app accepts the deposit and then later you find out that the deposit hasn’t gone into you account–it actually won’t complete the deposit transaction if it doesn’t all match up. At least that’s what the Chase rep I interviewed said and it’s been my experience.

  • TD says:

    Thanks for this valuable information !!!
    I have 2 questions ?

    1. What are the charges for this?

    2. Is this applicable for other banks (such as Bank Of America) checks to get transferred into my chase account ?

  • There are no charges for this (imagine that!) You can deposit checks from any bank (I believe it’s only U.S. banks). Chase holds all non-Chase checks for 24 hours to collect the funds in the same way they do when you go into the bank and deposit the checks.

  • Funnyshin says:

    I downloaded the app for my android phone. I used the photo deposit function initially and it worked just great. I tried it another time and was told I could not deposit a check for $500 as that was over the limit. The third time I used it something was wrong with the app. Every image I took was blurry. I took the image separately with my phone camera and that worked perfectly. When I used the Chase app and took the photo, It focused just fine before taking the picture, then blurred out when it took it. No checks were accepted because they were too blurry. I tried all different kinds of things and had the same problems. NOT GOOD. APP NEEDS WORK..

  • Ana says:

    I deposited a check with my iphone and it was returned. Chase charged my $10. So beware because the app doesn’t save the photo of the check you take and I don’t have proof I took the front check photo correctly. The check returned reason was Return to Maker because the photo Chase received was incomplete but I am sure it was fine. Technology!

  • I hope you cleared this up with Chase…my app tells me when the photo isn’t clear enough so I would have taken issue with it. My experience with banks are that they try these fast ones and just hope you won’t fight it. If I hear about this again, I’ll get a hold of my Chase contact…

  • Mark says:

    This app is available for android phones.
    Hit your menu key within the app to see the deposit option.

  • Judeye says:

    I loved the info. I have a little more to add… You can not deposit over a thousand in a day, and three thousand a month. Per chase when a three thousand check would not go thru. This pertains to personal as well as business.

  • Sewdragondesigns says:

    Thanks for explaining why my app suddenly stop allowing me to deposit checks into my joint account when no one at chase could!!!

  • thanks for the tip Mark!

  • THE 86'd says:

    Does not work with the 3MP camera on the Sidekick 4g.

  • Nichole says:

    My app doesn’t have the “deposit” button. What do I do?!

  • Have you signed up for the Quick Pay service? Go to the Chase site and be sure you are signed up for the service. If you are, contact Chase. There may be other reasons why your account does not qualify

  • Scott says:

    what do you do with your check after you deposit it using this service?

  • I write “deposited” on the check and put it with other important receipts. Once it has cleared the bank and shows up in your account, I suppose you can shred it.

  • jem says:

    how long does it take to clear the check? I’m not sure if I did the right thing coz I was sort of confused with the acct no. chase was asking for when I did the deposit so I put my own account number, but seems like I wasn’t supposed to do that according to you. Should I try again?

  • My experience is that the funds appear the next business day. If I deposit after the bank closes, it’s the day after (basically, it’s the next day after the bank “receives” it. Do you have more than one account? Have you signed up that account for quick deposit (on your computer). This post was done a little while back, so please keep me posted if anything has changed. I still use it religiously and I usually write “deposited” across the back of a check once it has cleared then file with my banking info. Let me know…

  • Bianca says:

    How long does it take to clear I’d you deposit a check from your phone

  • notice my comment above. It usually takes a business day just like it does when you go into the bank. So deposit on Tuesday during banking hours and it’s available on Wednesday. But if you deposit after hours (Tuesday night), it will probably not show up til Thursday.

  • Matt says:

    I too have a joint account and am not the primary and ran into problem with quick check deposit. Have you heard of a way around this or if Chase plans on updating the app so anyone on joint account can deposit?

  • Lisa Bay says:

    My quick deposit still gives me the error that my account is unavailable for quick deposit and I’ve tried everything. I’m signed up for quick pay and online banking, I’m the primary on the account so there shouldn’t be a problem.
    When this option was first introduced I was able to use it but since the app updates it always gives me that ridiculous error.
    Can you help me at all or will I just not be able to use it?

  • Phil says:

    Do you know how it works in the back end? Is a person at the banks still verifying manually all the checks? Or what happens until it is finally shown in my account?
    Many thanks!

  • To any and all who can’t use quick deposit…have you tried calling Chase and having them work with you on it? There has been a problem with business accounts. If it’s essential to deposit, you could open a new account, but start by calling the Chase number that is listed under “contact us” in the Chase phone app.
    Good luck.

  • Acer says:

    Does the back of the check need to be signed?
    Because last time I forgot and i couldnt process it again.

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    page to all my contacts, аs if lіke to read it aftег that my linkѕ will too.

  • DJ says:

    This is INSANE. Let me get this straight. I have a perfectly good MAC BOOK PRO, that can not make a deposit like a cheap phone?

    Give me a break. I shold be ale to do ANYTHING an iphone can do.

    Wake up Chase!!!!

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